Nomination Papers

Help put me on the ballot!

In a socially-distanced fashion, of course...

These days, everything is just a little bit more complicated.

Because of COVID19, we can't knock on doors and get nomination signatures so I can appear on the ballot in November. So we are counting on YOU! Please download a nomination form, print, sign, and get anyone in your house to sign, too (as long as they live in the 51st Assembly District and are eligible to vote).

Download Nomination Papers here.

You, or someone in your household, must also sign the bottom of the form, next to the word "Circulator" - certifying that you obtained the signatures above and that you know the people who signed the forms you are submitting. This is required by law, even if you are the only one who signed. 

Please ensure that entries are legible and that signers have correctly marked whether they live in a town or municipality. Make sure the date is correct in the right-hand box.

Don't worry if the form isn't full, the signatures you send will help me get on the ballot!

Then please send the form back to us by May 23: 

Team Kriss

PO Box 36

Blanchardville, WI  53516

Thank you!

Now is also a GREAT TIME to order your absentee ballots for the rest of the year. Go to MyVoteWisconsin and request them, and you'll get them in the mail when the time is right. Easy as pie! And a great recipe for election success! 

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