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Kriss Marion for Wisconsin State Senate, District 17

I’m running because I see the best days for Southwest Wisconsin ahead of us, not behind us. I’ll fight to make sure our tax dollars are reinvested in our communities so our families, farms, Main Streets and businesses can thrive again. I hope you'll join me!


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    Industry and agriculture can co-exist with a clean environment

    THE CAPITAL TIMES. By Kriss Marion. Jobs and environmental protections are not an either-or equation. Neither is agriculture and clean water. We CAN have mining, industry, development and agriculture while protecting our environment. This is the year 2018 and we have technology in all of those fields to do a good job; there is simply not enough political will in our state Legislature to enforce standards that would demand it. We are going backward instead of ahead. We need a decisive policy shift back toward strong protection of natural resources so our rural places can provide the quality of life to attract and retain the workers, families and businesses we need for our rural communities to thrive. 
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    Bus tour highlights rough roads

    La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - La Crosse County maintains more than 280 miles of highways. Over 50 percent of the county highway networks needs major repairs, but not enough funds are available. Highway Commissioner Ron Chamberlain wanted elected officials and business leaders to feel the bumps in the road residents endure.  "We try to do what we can there, but we don't have enough money to meet every safety need that's out there right now, let alone just the pavement needs," Chamberlain explained. Counties are supposed to receive 30 percent of costs for general transportation aids from the state. Chamberlain says La Crosse County receives only 17 percent. 
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