About me

I’m a passionate advocate for our small towns, family farms, Main Streets and natural resources—and will fight for policies that help them thrive.

Farmer. Baker. Changemaker.

I’m a farmer, business owner, entrepreneur and parent. I care deeply about Southwest Wisconsin and have long been committed to tackling tough issues through my work on the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors and in other organizations. Among my concerns are reducing the high suicide rate of farmers, protecting water resources and attracting tourism to boost the local economy. I was also one of the co-sponsors of the “Cookie Bill,” which led to the state finally allowing home bakers to sell handmade products without a license.

I was born in dairy country outside Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to a steel worker dad and a stay-at-home mom. I moved to the Midwest at age 17 to study journalism at Northwestern University, and on my very first day of classes met my future husband Shannon. We moved to Blanchardville 13 years ago, sending our four kids to the excellent public schools and immersing ourselves in the strong, supportive community. I am a certified organic vegetable farmer and run an award-winning bed and breakfast in the 130-year-old farmhouse that Shannon restored.

From my seat as a citizen, mother and Senate candidate, I believe it is time to elect legislators who will put taxpayer dollars back into our communities—and stop playing games with the numbers, with our children and with our future. I am immensely proud and full of hope for rural Southwest Wisconsin, and I will fight for the resources our towns, schools, farms, and businesses need to thrive. It’s time to take action and put our needs first.

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