What I stand for

Natural resources protection, affordable and accessible
health care, investment in infrastructure and education: Let’s make our rural communities the economic engine of the state again.

What I stand for

I'm known to some as the Cookie Lady, some as a Soil Sister and others as Madame County Board Supervisor.  Now I want to be your Wisconsin State Senator. I have fresh, independent ideas to grow a strong future for our rural communities, beginning with:

Robust rural infrastructure investment for schools, roads, internet, agricultural innovation, behavioral health and tourism.

Natural resource protection ensuring that rural places continue to offer the quality of life that attracts and retains workers, families and businesses.

Affordable, accessible health care for people of all means, getting rural hospitals the resources they need and ensuring people with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.

Local decision-making control restored to county, school and municipal boards, allowing local leaders to pursue success without burdensome state mandates and top-down regulation.

I’m a farmer, business owner, and parent of four. I fiercely love Southwest Wisconsin and have long been committed to tackling tough issues and collaborating with partners through my work on the Lafayette County Board, Soil Sisters Regional Farm Tour, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Pecatonica Pride Watershed Association and village Chamber of Commerce. I also worked with legislators for 4 years on the “Cookie Bill,” and eventually sued the state to win home bakers the right to sell their goods to neighbors and farmers markets. My top priority now for SW Wisconsin is to reverse the highest farm bankruptcy rate in the nation, the rising suicide rate among farmers and the migration of our children to other states.

As a citizen and mother, I see that it's time to elect visionary leaders who will invest taxpayer dollars back into our communities - rather than expensive and risky ventures that give breaks to billionaire developers of stadiums and factories in other parts of the state. We must stop playing games with numbers, with our children and with our future. I am immensely proud of and hopeful for rural Southwest Wisconsin, and I will continue to find the resources our towns, schools, farms, and businesses need to thrive.

I’d love to meet you, hear your story and see the places you love in the 17th. Join me on the #ForwardTogetherRoadTrip!



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