What I stand for

It’s not just political opponents facing off  in 2020 - it’s core values. 

I’m no politician, and I’m not afraid to say there’s never an easy answer to any persistent problem. No one party has a monopoly on the truth. But today in America and in Wisconsin, fundamental rights and human dignity are on the ballot. Democracy itself is at risk. I’m running against an incumbent Republican that voted 100% with hyper-partisan party bosses in the last session, standing by while the power of the governor to lead on COVID was challenged, litigated and cancelled. Those same party bosses have refused to call the legislature into session to work with the Governor to address the needs of hurting Wisconsinites since it was snowing in Madison. Time to bust up the logjam at the Capitol because we simply have to get Wisconsin back to work. 


We’ve got a lot to tackle. Here’s where I’ll start:

Healthcare:  Accept the federal Medicaid expansion so rural hospitals, struggling as a result of COVID, can be reimbursed adequately for services provided to the poor and elderly. Wisconsin refuses over $1 billion per year that could help provide quality care for everyone. Entrenched legislative leadership, including my opponent, has blocked expansion for almost a decade and refused to address skyrocketing prescription prices.

Clean Water:  Make sure that rural places can provide the clean water and quality of life that will attract and retain workers, farmers, families and businesses.

Education:  Fully fund education infrastructure at every level, including our essential technical colleges. Now more than ever, we understand the important role public education plays in the lives of every American.

Small Towns:  Invest in broadband, roads, senior housing, mental health, and Main Streets. Rural places are the soul of our state and the engine of our economy.

Family Agriculture:  Support diversification so farmers and local economies can bounce back after COVID. Develop short supply chains and local processing. Incentivize a "Solar Field for Every Farm.”  Increase profits by expanding direct farm sales. Give consumers and schools access to more farm-to-table goods.

Fair Maps:  Pass a non-partisan redistricting solution in 2021. If you hate the partisanship and dysfunction in government, ending gerrymandering is the single most powerful way to encourage representatives to work together on solutions.

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