Rural Recovery Plan In Brief

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Fellow Wisconsinites,

I firmly believe that rural places are the soul of our state and the engine of our economy. There can be a bright future for Wisconsin’s small towns and rural Main Streets, but getting there will take grit, attention to detail, and a commitment to address the real struggles of everyday folks out here among the pastoral landscape of family farms, towering ridgelines, and beautiful river valleys. My campaign team and I have worked diligently over the past few months to put forward good ideas which not only improve the quality of life for rural Wisconsinites, but that also have the necessary appeal across the breadth of the political spectrum to become law. The fruit of their labor is my rural recovery plan. Solving the Root of the Problem: Rural Routes to Wisconsin’s Post-Pandemic Recovery is a sensible, multifaceted policy prescription plan for stabilizing Wisconsin’s struggling farms, bolstering the rural economy, and preserving our state’s rich natural heritage for generations to come.

No one political party has a monopoly on good ideas, and my plan recognizes that: we all want good schools, reliable internet, clean water, affordable healthcare, and a dynamic rural economy centered around the family farm. In that same spirit, my plan illustrates how I intend to be an independent voice for the shared values of our rural communities as your assemblywoman. That’s what the residents of Southwestern Wisconsin’s 51st District expect from their lawmakers in Madison: a healthy dose of common sense, heartfelt compassion for all constituents, an interest in evidence-based policymaking, the ability to make order out of chaos, an aptitude for working across the aisle to get things done, and a commitment to stand alone and do what’s right when necessary. Folks are fed up with politics as usual and are ready for a change. I’d be honored to be that changemaker.

Moving forward together,


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