Policy Paper #3: Health Care Reform Policy Paper

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Get ‘Er Done on Healthcare Reform


As a survivor of rheumatoid arthritis, I take great joy in the remission I have today. I am forever thankful that I had great health insurance to pay for the biologic responsible for my remission. Unfortunately however, my experience is not the same reality many Wisconsinites live through. Our healthcare system is irrational and fundamentally broken, and the sense of despair that comes from having an illness and being unable to afford it is an issue acutely felt at the kitchen tables of working families throughout Southwestern Wisconsin...

Affordable, quality healthcare should be considered a human right under our Constitution, and yet 82,000 Wisconsinites and their children are uninsured. Hundreds of thousands more have seen their health insurance premiums increase substantially in tandem with skyrocketing prescription drug prices. It is no wonder that the United States spends a larger share of its GDP – nearly 18.0% – on healthcare than any other country on Earth, with the average among other high-income economies being only 11.5% in 2018.


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