Barbara Voyce: I'm voting for Kriss Marion

Dear Editor: “After the tragic events this past week, the best way forward is not through divisive and partisan politics but through bipartisan cooperation,” per Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. This was quoted after the Kenosha rioting and was given after the governor called for a special session to address the problem Wisconsin has with racism and violence. The governor wanted the Legislature to act.

Vos? He refused to hold the special session. Gaveled in and immediately gaveled out. He said they need bipartisan cooperation! Is that not the height of hypocrisy? The governor asked for a bipartisan Legislature to work together for a solution, and the Republican leader in the Assembly said a loud “NO." No wonder there is no respect for our current Legislature. They obviously are hypocrites. Then Vos created ANOTHER “look what Republicans are doing” task force that will tell us… what? Vos is patting himself on the back. He avoided doing anything constructive, and continues, by inaction, to condone racist, violent acts against people of color. But — where are the other Republican representatives?

I called my representative, Todd Novak, a Republican who on rare occasions has voted in a bipartisan manner. I asked how he felt about the special session and the task force. His staffer never directly answered the question. I want a representative who is honest, open and empathetic. That is why I will vote for Kriss Marion to represent the 51st Assembly District.

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