Dick Cates: Kriss Marion is the best candidate for the 51st Assembly seat

Dear Editor: I have known and worked professionally with Kriss Marion for over a decade. She is an extraordinary candidate for the 51st Assembly and would serve the interests of our rural communities. She will be on the Nov. 3 ballot opposing incumbent Todd Novak.

With the help of her husband and children, Kriss started and has been operating a small farm business in our district producing food for our local markets. I saw her citizen leadership charge, in 2017, in support of what became known as the “Cookie Bill” and ultimately Senate Bill 271 to make it legal to sell various homemade goods in Wisconsin. This business opportunity seemed like a win-win for farmers and citizens, but the momentum in the Legislature had stalled and failed a few years earlier. Kriss’s work was dedicated, nonpartisan and effective.

Kriss and I served on the Southwest Wisconsin Community Action Program (SWCAP) board of directors together. SWCAP’s mission is to find creative ways, both public and private, to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations. In this capacity I had the opportunity to work personally with Kriss, and again I saw her work was dedicated, nonpartisan and effective.

Kriss is also now serving her third term as a Lafayette County supervisor (presently 2nd Vice Chair). In that capacity she been involved with the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology Study (SWIGG), a publicly funded study to learn more about the quality of our area wells and ground water.

The study indicated that some of our wells are contaminated with bacteria or nitrates, and some officials threatened to draft a resolution that sought to restrict the information reporters could share about this publicly funded study. Kriss immediately took a firm and courageous stance, unwavering in her support of the public’s right to know. Again, her work was dedicated, nonpartisan, and effective in working for, and on behalf of, the citizens of southwest Wisconsin.

Kriss is an engaged citizen and a strong, fair public leader; and I have a great admiration for her. I hope you will support Kriss Marion to represent us in the 51st Assembly District on Nov. 3.

Dick Cates

Town of Wyoming


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