Industry and agriculture can co-exist with a clean environment


Jobs and environmental protections are not an either-or equation. Neither is agriculture and clean water. We CAN have mining, industry, development and agriculture while protecting our environment. This is the year 2018 and we have technology in all of those fields to do a good job; there is simply not enough political will in our state Legislature to enforce standards that would demand it. We are going backward instead of ahead.

We need a decisive policy shift back toward strong protection of natural resources so our rural places can provide the quality of life to attract and retain the workers, families and businesses we need for our rural communities to thrive. 

To that end, the non-partisan League of Conservation Voters is calling on gubernatorial candidates to sign a conservation pledge to dedicate themselves to the principles of conservation and defend Wisconsin’s rich natural resources. As a candidate for the 17th State Senate District I’m signing this pledge too, because these issues are so important to me.

I am taking the Conservation Pledge because I believe in our shared conservation values and traditions. As a candidate for State Senate:

I pledge to protect our lakes, rivers, and wetlands. As senator I will work to protect our waterways from pollution, overdevelopment, and other threats. I will work toward ensuring that all waters are safe for fishing and swimming for our families.

I pledge to work toward safe drinking water and healthy air for all Wisconsinites. I will protect communities most vulnerable and most impacted by contaminated water and dirty air and make sure polluters are held accountable. I will support local communities in taking extra steps to protect and maintain their quality of life.

I pledge to move Wisconsin toward 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2050. I will promote the 21st-century jobs that grow our economy while reducing our dependence on dirty energy sources and support sustainable, livable communities.

I pledge to protect and maintain our public lands for future generations. I will work to support funding and public/private partnerships that protect wildlife habitat and the outdoor places where we hike, hunt, paddle, and spend time with our families.

I pledge to support a strong Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As senator I will prioritize natural resources in the state budget and return funding needed to increase staffing and programming to a level that can adequately manage our state’s natural resources and protect Wisconsinites’ health. I will work to ensure that environmental laws are enforced and all parties play by the same rules.

Lafayette County Board Supervisor Kriss Marion is a farmer and small business owner from Blanchardville and the founder of the Pecatonica Pride Watershed Association. Kriss is a Democratic candidate for State Senate District 17.

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