Kriss Marion best for Wisconsin Assembly -- Jeanette Kelty

It's time for positive change here in America. The 2020 election is about more than just political opponents facing off. Our core values as a Democratic republic are at stake. My support for positive change for the 51st Wisconsin Assembly District in 2020 is Kriss Marion.

Marion is a friend and strong leader. She wants to pass a nonpartisan redistricting solution in 2021 to end dysfunctional gerrymandering in Wisconsin. Marion will work to accept federal funds for Medicaid expansion so rural hospitals and clinics can keep providing health care services for the poor and elderly, as well as quality care for everyone as a right. It is shameful that the Republican legislative leadership has blocked this expansion for almost a decade and failed to control skyrocketing prescription drug costs.

Marion will work tirelessly as a public servant for all Wisconsinites. Please visit and learn why Marion deserves to serve in the Assembly. Vote for her Nov. 3.

Jeanette Kelty, Monroe

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