Kriss Marion Represents Integrity and Rural Values

Dear Editor:

An email from a friend recently: “I have a dream that one day Donald J. Trump will be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.” Trump/Pence vs. Biden/Harris will be for the nation to decide in November, but the 51st State Assembly District contest between Todd Novak and Kriss Marion is ours to choose. I have not questioned the character of either of them before, but now I see a major difference. Novak calls himself “an independent voice” on his website but he has voted nearly 100% of the time with Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who is well aligned on important issues with Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and the Trump national Republican agenda.

Along with Vos and Fitzgerald, Novak has refused Medicaid dollars, stripped money and local zoning control from rural counties, ignored the increasing farm bankruptcies, battled mail-in voting, championed voucher schools even though we have none in our district. He risked lives with a very weak COVID-19 response. AND Todd Novak has never publicly spoken against Wisconsin Republicans or even Trump. So it’s not surprising that his previous campaigns were largely funded by Republican interests.
Kriss Marion stands for Wisconsin rural values — local control of strongly supported education, clean air and water, rural broadband, small farms and small-town values. She supports the Affordable Care Act, wants to expand BadgerCare and demands responsible responses to the COVID-19 crisis. She supports the governor’s Badger Bounce-Back program and is a strong supporter of mail-in voting.

It seems that anything Democrats propose or stand for are rejected by Republicans — like a knee-jerk reaction in lockstep with Republicans. It’s a national attitude in this Trump era, and Todd Novak and the Wisconsin Republicans do the same. Where is their integrity in refusing to consider the merits of any issue in open public debates?

Kriss Marion represents integrity and solid Wisconsin rural values. Sadly, we have to question Todd Novak’s integrity as an independent and even his character now.

Bryan Walton

Spring Green

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