Marion will bring energy to the job -- Joylynn Graham

I am concerned about the political climate of our country right now, with all the division and animosity that has grown between its citizens.

In our country’s history, democracy has always worked well despite, and maybe even because, people have always had different opinions and taken different sides on important issues. We have a self-correcting system, where people express their views strongly, but then come together around shared values while showing respect to fellow citizens. But lately, we seem to have lost sight of the fact that differing viewpoints are essential for a bigger picture.

With that in mind, I have considered carefully who among our local candidates will help us achieve the ability to work together again. Assembly candidate Kriss Marion has a strong grasp on the issues confronting us today. But more than that, she reaches out to all people regardless of their political positions and she appreciates the average person who is the backbone of the country.

I am impressed by her energy and willingness to go anywhere to make an impact by having conversations with people. When talking with her, I understand that she is as deeply passionate about the issues I care about and would be the one to show up every day to get the job done.

Joylynn Graham, Dodgeville

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